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HMD Lost Tracking Detection not working in LBE Mode


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I am trying to have it so the headset (Vive Focus 3) will tell the game (Unreal Engine 4) when it loses tracking, so I can provide a warning to the players that tracking has been lost and they must stay put. However, I noticed that the code to detect lost tracking does not work if the headset is in LBE Mode. I tried the same code provided here: https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/WVR_GetDeviceErrorState.html#_CPPv440WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_DeviceLostTracking on a headset with no LBE Features enabled and it works, after 5-10 seconds of forcing a lost tracking. Would anyone know why the code works on a headset with no LBE features but not an headset with those features enabled?

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