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Virtual Desk?

Wilson So

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A platform / app called "Virtual Desk" is advertised on the XR Elite official web page. I believe it is not the same as the Virtual Desktop app (which still hasn't been released on XR Elite). How can I access this "Virtual Desk"? Or is it to be released?

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This feature is integrated in the OS as part of the MR support, so the "platform" is there. But afaik there is no app yet, that utilizes it for a productive/working environment.
I think 'Figmin' supports it, but I'm not 100% sure. Down the line, I'd assume that 'Virtual Desktop' will probably support it at some point, but maybe not on the initial release.

What I can't say, is if Vive is planing to release some first party app for that kind of use. 

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