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Vive Focus 3 + OpenXR + HDRP


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This is something I tackled recently and found a solution.

My Vive Focus 3 (with business streaming) in Unity was not working after I made a build. It was working fine in Editor mode but after I made a build, there was no VR input in it. After searching for hours, I found that the issue was "Scripting Backend" inside Player Settings in Unity. "IL2CPP" does not work or is not supported with VR. Please switch to "Mono". Once I did this, it finally worked.




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@Saif @且试天下
If you could submit a lbgcat log, it would help greatly

Usually problems fixed by switching to mono from il2cpp are related to code stripping that happens.  https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ManagedCodeStripping.html . This especially impacts code triggered by user input using the unity UI, since it uses reflection to run the code, and the managed code stripper frequently strips away code needed for those. For example, if I am showing a meshcollider and modifying it in code after a user clicks the buttons, the apis i'm calling look like they're unused to the unity compiler, so i have to add the MeshCollider class or assembly to my link.xml to prevent it from getting stripped.

So let's take this example (without a full logcat it's a little difficult, so there will be some guesses here )- The implicit conversion operator from PoseControl to another class named PoseControl could get stripped since it doesn't look like it gets used, and this error is thrown. A full logcat would verify this since there may be other errors around. Adding the PoseControl class and it's assembly along with the wave xr assemblies to the link.xml would likely fix this.

That said, I can confirm and escalate this with a repro project and/or logcat logs.

Thanks for the report!

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