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real-time 360° VR can't be play in the headset focus3 with the openXR plugin


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This real-time video can be played automatically after I click "Run", but it will not play automatically when I convert it into an APP and send it to the headset and mobile phone. Why is that?I think it's probably due to openXR plugin, because the APP I built on the 3D platform can play remote live video on the phone, but play it in 2D format in the headset.

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@wekko it plays it in 2d format in the headset

So if i understand correctly, the goal is to play a 360 video and allow the user to move their head around. 
There are a few ways to do this

using unity's movie player package - https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-VideoPlayer.html
and a tutorial is here

Set up your xr rig (make sure that it's not just a 2d unity camera) 
put a 10m inverted sphere surrounding the xr rig (i think there's a shader for this by default in the unity sample)
deploy the app to the device

2) another approach is to use another plugin like avpro, and an example project is here https://github.com/hardcoded2/AVProTest

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I found that was due to the platform.It works.But new problem comes out。The bottom of 360 video can't be played in the headset.Do you know the reason?I am very urgent to get your help.

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