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Vive pro 2 and samsung neo g7


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Anyone on this forum who uses Samsung neo g7 and an vive pro 2 headset. When I open vive console and it detects my headset pc restarts when monitor is attached. Samsung neo g7 (32" curved) and vive pro 2. When my lg cx is the only monitor attached, PC does not restart.

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I had the same(?) issue with my Samsung Neo G9 (49" monitor). Either computer would restart, or the image on the screen would become corrupt whenever I started SteamVR. At the time I had a rtx3090 gpu. To be honest I do not completely know what resolved the issue in the end. Might have been one of the firmware updates from Samsung for the monitor. Funny thing is that I also have a LG CX in the same room, so that was my workaround too 🙂 Try to run the Samsung monitor connected through HDMI to the PC (and not displayport) and the vive pro in a lower resolution. I believe DisplayStreamCompression (or some kind of conflict related to DSC) can be the issue causing it.

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