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Horizontal scanlines on right lens


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One day started headset & got this weird horizontal lines across right eye (reseated cables\reinstalled whole htc software, changed usb ports & displayport slot on my gpu). Is this issue with screen or dying cable? Never dropped\hit my headset\overpulled my cable it just appeared by itself recently, noticed one thing - it slowly fades away when headset heats up

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I FIXED IT 100% with these 2 procedures: 1- Always DETACH IMMEDIATELY the power, usb and micro display port cables from the linkbox after a session and only attach them again when - and only WHEN - you will play a session. My theory is that simply turn off the linkbox is not enough to stop the energy influx that came across the data cables, feeding constantly with energy the linkbox, what can burn the panels. I did a little test and let the cables plugged for 20 minutes after a session and it was enough to burn the panels subtly, but noticeably. If i let this for 1 hour, certainly would gave bad, bad visuals. 2nd procedure: don´t let your lenses "see" any light from your room, even weak led lights. My other theory is that the lenses are like magnifying ones that can concentrate any light and burn the panels, along hours of exposure. I know that because sun light can permanently damage the panels. However, this kind of problem we are talking about is reversible after 1 hour and half of session and is completely gone after 2 hours. After i discovered these procedures, i can do sessions of 7 hours and never have had this terrible problem again. I can turn on my hmd without fear in the day after a long session. P.s: i use a 5 meter display port cable and usb3 cables, both with repeaters + 1 display port to micro-display port cable. It is an even worst case scenario and after those procedures, it´s ok.

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On 3/1/2023 at 2:07 AM, C.T. said:

Stay tuned for the upcoming accessories releases. 

XR Elite will receive its own eye and facial trackers in one simple add on later this year.  


XR Elite can definitly connects with PC via VIVE Streaming Hub service as it is supported on Focus 3. 

Thanks, that advice fixed it

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