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Can i turn off touchpad movement?


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Is it possible to switch touchpad movement and have it only move when i press down the touchpad in a direction instead of simply touching. So many games require me to touch the touchpad to put my thumb down but if i dont touch the EXACT center it moves or turns my game character in all games which is absolutely infuriating. It makes almost every game i play completely unplayable. What were the engineers thinking? Did they even test it? Is the VIVE community just better at finding the center then I am? Its driving me crazy and making me feel like i just wasted so much money.

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I understand your frustration with the touchpad movement on your device. While I don't have specific knowledge about the settings or capabilities of your particular device, I can provide some general information that may help.

In many cases, the touchpad on VR devices like the VIVE is designed to provide a more versatile input method for navigating menus, selecting options, and controlling movement in games web. However, it's understandable that the sensitivity or responsiveness of the touchpad can be a challenge for certain games, especially if precise control is required.

It's important to note that different games may handle touchpad input differently, and the sensitivity settings can vary. Some games may provide options to customize the touchpad behavior, dead zones, or sensitivity within their own settings menu. You might want to explore the in-game settings or consult the game's community forums or support channels for any available solutions or workarounds.

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