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Prevent sleep while copying via USB


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Is there a preferred method to keep the unit from going to sleep while I"m copying a file to it from Windows?  Or a timeout in the power settings somewhere?  

I'm trying to copy a 15 GB file.  I have a USB 3.2 2x2 Type-C on my motherboard (Aorus Master X670E), plugged into the battery pack of the XR Elite.

In under 3 minutes the headset shuts down and the copy fails.  Then I have to put it on again where it says 'boundary lost' and I have to run through that configuration again.

Why does it take so long to copy a 15GB file over a 20Gbps connection?

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You can also lean one of the ccontrollers (the round part) against the sensor if the headset is on the ground, covers it up well until they can give the software an option to prevent sleeping.

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Any update from HTC / Vive on this? Not going to sleep is standard developer feature on most Enterprise-focussed devices.

Also can we please have the ability to lock USB mode to data transfer (and keep this setting when headset has been powered down). Currently have to confirm this in headset every time connection is made to PC - with several headsets (Elite XR BE's) this becomes very labourious...



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It would seem the USB sleep issue is less prone to happening when connecting DIRECTLY to the main part of the HMD (figure 3 in the diagram above).

- Which I guess makes sense, at least for Developers, (I find it much easier to keep swapping to wearing / not wearing the headset without the battery cradle attached, esepailly when trying various re-edits of App).

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