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Best vive product for 3d visualising large scale interiors


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Hi, I'm setting up a new studio and kindly need advice on the best vive headset package to purchase. We'll be creating interiors in unreal engine 5.1 using lumen. Our clients will come into the studio to view their designs, move around and change materials and models. we need the best kit to make their experience memorable and comfortable. Sometimes we'll also need to go to the clients office so is there also a headset that can have the same quality but unteathered

Any help would be appreciated

Kind regards

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I would recommend the HTC Vive Pro. It is one of the best VR headsets on the market and offers the highest quality experience. It is fully untethered and wireless, so you can easily take it to your clients' offices and provide a great experience. It also has dual OLED displays and a resolution of 2880 x 1600 for a great visual experience. The Vive Pro also includes headphones for a total immersive experience. All in all, it is the perfect headset for creating immersive interiors in Unreal Engine 5.1 with Lumen.

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