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49 minutes ago, vrwanter said:

Hmm ok, actually, even though I see if in my library online  (not in the headset)  and the money came out of my bank, when I go to purchase history, the transaction says failed  in order detail - maybe that's got something to do with it?



Can you send me a screenshot via DM for the transaction failed page? I'm not sure if there's any sensitive information on that page. 

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14 hours ago, vrwanter said:

In case anyone was wondering, there was some discrepancy with the payment, but C.T. sorted it out. VD on Focus 3 is pretty amazing.

Can you expand a bit on what makes VD on Focus 3 amazing? I currently use VBS (Ultra mode), which gives me a stable connection, low latency and great image quality. I'm interested to find out what the increased value of VD is. I might buy it, but it's a hassle with the only payment option in the business store being a creditcard.

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