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Is there anyway to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR with XR Elite controllers?


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I can't play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR because the game doesn't seem to support XR Elite controllers by default. At the very beginning of the game we are forced to select either left-handed or right-handed with a touchpad, but we can't select it because XR Elite controllers don't have touchpad. I'm stuck.

I'm hoping there may be a work-around for this problem by setting up appropriate controller bindings, but I have no clue. Any help would be really appreciated.

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I initially had the exact same problem when I tried to play this using the native Vive streaming app. However, I recently tried again using Virtual Desktop and everything seemed to just work fine in Skyrim VR. I don't remember changing any settings or having to mess with the controller mappings, it just worked. I am not sure what else would have been different besides using Virtual Desktop to stream it instead of the Vive app.

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SuperGrover, thank you again for your information. The XR Elite controllers do work without any additional settings when I play the game via virtual desktop app.

Virtual Desktop (viveport.com)

It was definately worth $20. Best Regards.

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I sometimes use the Quest 2 Virtual Desktop, rather than Air Link because it provides a better game menu for both Steam and Oculus PC games. However, when using the XR Elite, how do you play SkyrimVR using the Steam Virtual Desktop? A step-by-step response would be appreciated.

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Calcanuck, I am using Virtual Desktop that is natively installed on the XR Elite, not the Steam version of Virtual Desktop. When using Virtual Desktop on the XR I imagine it would be similar to how you are using the it on your Quest 2. I literally just run Virtual Desktop from the XR and launch Skyrim VR from the Virtual Desktop menu and it just works.

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