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Build APK file in Unity Project


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Hello, I'm a student developing a game in Unity, and I want to build it as an APK file and directly upload it to my VR device. Previously, I already connected my PC to the VR device and ran an exe file, but this time I want to build an APK file(same project) and run it.
I've done some research and changed the "Company Name" and other settings in Player Settings, but I'm not sure which Minimum API Level to select. Additionally, I'm getting an error message saying "Unity upon entering VR mode, landscape left orientation will be the default orientation unless only landscape right is available," and I'm not sure how to resolve it. I'm using the VIVE XR Elite, and I would like to know what settings I need before build project. Can you help me with this?

+) I'm using Unity 2019.3.4f1 version

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OK,  when I make changes to the graphics, the build work. However, when I install and run it on a XR Elite, it recognizes my game as a 2D app. Are there any additional settings that I need to be configured?

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