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Build and Run with Unity - upside down rendering?


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New with Focus 3, and trying to make a simple scene in Unity. Just a WaveXR camera rig, that's it. I followed this guide: Getting Started — Wave VR 5.2.1 documentation (vive.com)

Under XR plug-in management, do I use the WaveXR as plug-in provider or OpenXR?  When I choose waveXR, the Focus 3 displays the app as "2D installed", and it doesn't run on the headset.

When I use OpenXR as pug-in provider, the headset render the world upside down, and the scene is fixed to the headset so it moved with my head. 

Any suggestions?

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Fixed. It was a problem with AndroidManifest.xml. When I was "Adding the VIVE Registry" I toggled ON "Customize main manifest" under Project settings/Player/Publishing Settnigs/Build. When I toggled it off, it worked. I used WaveXR as plug-in provider.

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