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How to use multiple base station 2.0 on one space

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Recently I considered VR room by using 'cosmos elite' and Base station 1.0 . But I heard 'cosmos elite' & Base station 1.0 is discontiuned.

My one system use 1 VIVE Headset and 4 tracker on 3m*2m*3m(L*W*H) and they seperated by Aluminium Truss.

So now  I consider 'VIVE Pro 2'. But pro2 use Base station 2.0.

But someone says if I want to use many base station 2.0 on one room, then I can use only 13 or 14ea base station 2.0.

They says that because 2.0 has 13 or 14 channel. so if I want to use over 14 base station, then between base station has crashed and that channel connect by Bluetooth, so blocking between two system doesn't have any meaning.

Is that correct?

how to use VIVE at multi user(over 20 peoples) on one space.

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