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Initial Feedback/Issues

Nick C

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The feedback/suggestions I have:

  1. Because the OS is based off an Android, I think it would be really cool to see Nearby Share support for things like transferring files to/from the headset (like for sending screenshots and recordings to your phone) and sharing WiFi credentials to the device to make it super easy and seamless. Nearby Share was also recently opened up to Windows officially so this would could be used to transfer files to a Windows PC as well in the same implementation. I'm not sure if there is a rule stopping you like needing to offer the Play Store on an Android device that supports Nearby Share but it seems worth looking into since there are unofficial ports to get it working on Mac as well and possibly future support down the line with how Google frequently develops comparable apps for macOS and iOS. If Nearby Share can't be used, maybe at least a wireless transfer option if you are connected to a PC via the Vive Streaming Hub. I'm not sure how else to get files off of the headset except maybe over USB or accessing a cloud service through the browser but something wireless and with no extra login would be amazing.
  2. Frequently on the keyboard, I click what I think is like a shift key but it ends up being caps lock. I feel like the default for most virtual keyboards is to treat it as a shift key meaning you click it once and it will capitalize the next letter but then go back to lowercase. The current keyboard stays capitalized until you unselect it however which gets annoying quickly when entering passwords with some capital and some lowercase. It might be personal preference but also considering what the unofficial standard is from my experience as well, I think making it consistent with other platforms to reduce friction would be a good decision. You could also keep the caps lock option by implementing it how I frequently see where the first click is shift and if you click it again, it acts as caps lock and keeps everything capitalized.
  3. This one should be pretty simple and might be considered a bug but from the Vive Manager android app, you cannot select whether you want to use MAC randomization or not while entering WiFi credentials. This is important to me because I live on a college campus with managed WiFi and we need to put all of our devices on an allow list to get connected so I need to be able to quickly find the real device's MAC address
    • This leads to a part 2 of this feedback where I think the device MAC address should be easy to find in the device settings. From what I can tell, you can find the "current" MAC address in device settings but that only works after you are connected to WiFi. To get my headset's MAC address, I had to enable the hotspot on my Windows PC, connect it to that network, view the MAC address from my PC, add it to my account, then reconnect the headset to the real WiFi. Without another device I'm not sure how I would figure it out which ruins the "standalone" aspect of the headset for many college students.
  4. Lastly, I think it would be nice to have a section for release notes after an app or game was updated. Currently, you can click the kebab menu button on a title to see more details like storage size and description so I think a release notes option would be great especially since this is already provided on my Steam games but not for my VivePort games. 

The bugs/issues I found:

  1. Phone mirroring is not working for me on my Pixel 7 Pro running Android 14. When I get all of the permissions set and open the app on my headset, it just puts my phone to this screen of cast devices (see image below) but the headset never appears there. Is the headset supposed to show up in this menu or is this menu not supposed to show up at all? My phone is on the same wifi as the headset and as you can see, other cast devices work correctly because the school does setup a personal area network for each user's devices so they can still see each other.
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  2. I think the OS does not have anything handling 2FA prompts right now? Like when I try to login to my Google account which has a passkey, at the part where Windows will usually prompt me for my PC password to input my credential like using my passkey or a saved password etc, (see screenshot below for example) the Google login just gets stuck. So maybe it's just the passkey support that needs to be handled? I'm not sure but I also have things like SMS 2FA and a 2FA code generating app but I cannot even get to those options for the login because it gets stuck on the part that calls the native OS authentication prompts first.
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