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Configuring ServiceNow through a program

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I need a custom definition of ServiceNow for my business. For which, I'll have to configure many tables like Incident, CIs to name a few, then the views, forms etc. I am aware that it can be done through UI provided at our instance. But doing it through a program which can configure our definition on a fresh instance in one go will be a challenge.

But I think it should be possible, to give you a scenario here's what I might be doing..

-- I need to create new views on a table, new fields on that view, adding dependent fields, new choices in the choice list for a choice field and the list goes on...

Is there any way to do it in Java? maybe using JSON Web services provided by ServiceNow? Or is there any API in java which can simplify the work, like the one for BMC Remedy?

I understand that it is a big task, please let me know if there is any other way to do it.

PS: I am familiar with the JSON web service API available for ServiceNow.

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