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Issues with Vive Video Player


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My main use case for the XR Elite is to watch videos in standalone glasses mode.  Currently the only 2d/3d video player is the Vive Video player which has quite a few challenges to say the least.  Following are some of the issues with the software:


1. Unable to browse for local files at will.  When clicking on the local files the software looks for video files in specific locations.  If they are not there then nothing is found.  This is very restrictive and you have to guess where the system is trying to look for the files.  Would be nice to be able to browse the file system at will.  

2. It would also be nice to be able to browse for video files on external usb storage devices then you do not have to copy to local storage.

3. When viewing a 2d video there is no way to move the screen forward or backward, just make it larger or smaller. 

4. It would be nice to utilize the controller buttons for fast forward/rewind/pause, and be able manipulate the screen size/distance with a single click of a button.

5. Ability to reorient 3d video viewing angle.  Currently you must sit horizontally to watch a 3d video.  There is no way to move the viewing angle into a comfortable laying down position to watch this type of videos.  There is the ability to do this in 2d videos but it takes multiple clicks and is still restrictive.  The UI should be more intuitive and allow for such features.

6. This is not a problem with the video player but is related.  When I copy video files in usb mode using my PC to the headset the copy often fails due to a timeout  since I do not have the headset on.  The system should recognize that a copy is in progress and not abort the operation.


If HTC fixes these issues the headset will be much more usable.  The best and fastest solution would be to get SkyboxVR port their software to the XR Elite.

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The Vive XR Elite is incredibly designed hardware but these issues negate how incredible it is because it's software offerings are so limited. I sadly returned mine because setup was non-intuitive and software was so limited. Is anybody listening?

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