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Bug Report: OpenXR plugin on Unreal 5.1 - Input Modifiers create a failure

Dan Lauer

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There seems to be a bug with the OpenXR plugin for Unreal 5.1 and running on the Vive Focus 3.  I'm using the UE Enhanced input system and have set up the right thumbstick to teleport using the Y axis, rotate the player with the X axis.  This works fine assuming no Input modifiers.  But I really need to add "dead zone" input modifier.  Otherwise, it is very easy to accidentally teleport when rotating. This is standard practice which works great with HMDs from other manufactures.  I have communicated with other developers who are having the exact same problem.  The weird thing is that removing the modifier does not fix the problem.  I need to remove the Input Mapping Context for the action and then delete the action completely, recompile and then put it all back without the modifier.

But we need the modifier for it to work properly.  I've been able to recreate this problem over and over with multiple projects.

This needs to get fixed.  

Is there a better place to report this bug?

Screenshot 2023-05-29 180233.png

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