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Vive Focus 3 frozen frame, textureid is invalid


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I have encountered a strange behaviour in my app and can't find the reason it is doing this.

I have a blank scene with added default XR rig and a canvas with well, rather nested hierarchy, but not something that I haven't done earlier and would cause any problems on other headsets.


For testing I have removed every custom script from the canvas and the scene overall. Only default unity components are on these objects, like image, button, TMP text, slider etc..

So, after running the app, if I take down the headset, lay it down for couple of seconds (like 15-20), and then pick it up and mount, MOST of the time (sometimes it doesn't do this, usually if I pick it up rather quickly, just after it goes to sleep), the app will have the last frame frozen to the screen. Controllers will work, because if I point to where the canvas is I can hear audio like button hover sounds. What is more, even if I hit the Vive Home button, the popup with close the app won't show up. I have to hold the power button and reboot the headset. It's like it completely froze the rendering of the device with last frame visible from the app. 

From logcat, there are no errors at all, both on app/unity side or system. BUT, it starts spamming this log : I/RENDER A TEC: texture id is invalid



This is the only constant to this bug, every time it freezes it will start outputting the textureid is invalid.

Looking to fix this because the app works as a kiosk app and people put the headset on and off all the time.

Unity 2020.3.8f1

Latest ROM on device

OpenXR with Vive Focus 3 Support


Thanks for any information about this. 

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