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Built Android Application from Unity is not showing up in libraries in Vive Focus 3 Headset


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Yes I do. And i can also download it successfully. However, it does not show in my library.

The problem was the size of the file. The app uses approximately 3 min of video (.mp4) in Ultra HD, which now is made HD instead. 

This creates an .APK file of approx. 1 GB instead of 2.93 GB and therefore pops up in the library on my Vive Focus 3 and works perfectly.

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Hi @cluelou,

Your apk includes 3 min of video? That's why it gets so large?

I suggest that you might need to retrieve video from storage instead of pack them into apk.

This way, your apk is lightweight and not too large.

You might need to do some research on how to read files from storage.

Here is some information regarding how to grant permission.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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Hi @chengnay,

Is there a way for me to store my video-files on the Standalone HTC Vive Focus 3 Headset, and the create a path to the videos in the .APK file.

So when I run the Application from the headset, It locates the videos and play at a specific scene?

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