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(OpenXR for Mobile / Unreal 5.1) Passthrough distortion


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Hi again!

In the main menu, hand and motion controller tracking works fine without passthrough distortion, but a mixed reality experience made with Unreal, for example, suffers from a strange distortion phenomenon.

There is distortion around the hand or controller - even if hand tracking is not enabled from the Vive Open XR plugin. If you turn off hand tracking at the system level, then it won't distort Unreal either.

So the problem is two-fold:

1) That the passthrough is distorted in general
2) system-level hand and motion controller tracking "bleeds through" to the Unreal Engine mixed reality app.

Is this distortion problem something the developer can fix, or is it possibly a feature of the platform (and requires some firmware fix)?

- using the latest OpenXR for mobile plugin
- using UE 5.1.1
- Vive XR Elite with 1.3.999.352

In this video I use Open Brush as an example, but the same thing happens with any Unreal build.

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Hi @vanheinonen

Thank you for your feedback. The symptom you mentioned is the side effect of the feature called Scale Mode for hand tracking. The mode allows the user to locate the position of the objects more precisely in the real world via passthrough. Developers can switch the mode based on their preference. If the developer doesn't change the mode, the default mode is Scale Mode in SDK version 5.2.1 and above. The WAVE SDK version of the launcher is the latest version so the mode is View Mode which won't cause the side effect.


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