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How do I keep the XR Elite charged? It drains really quickly when connected to laptop USB-C.


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Hello I'm curious how to keep the XR Elite charged for development.

Currently, the device goes to sleep in a few minutes while still connected to USB-C, so that I can't make apk builds fast enough before device disconnects from ADB and disrupting Unity "Build and Run" sessions.

Therefore, I use something to cover the proximity sensor to keep the device awake. However, XR Elite battery still drains while plugged into the development PC's USB-A/C, UNLIKE another, very popular VR/MR device out there.

So if I'm not careful, I only really have about maybe 10 minutes left in the XR-Elite battery to use it for debugging after I've charged it to 100% over a few hours. This is a very dismal state to develop for the XR Elite. Can it be improved?

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