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Setting play boundaries is bugged


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When setting play boundaries, I can set up a simple room no problem. The issue is trying to set multiple rooms. I can trace the whole outline of the two rooms but the play boundary won't set it right after I complete the trace. I'll have one room boundary that looks okay but the boundary from the other room will just extend from the door entry to the other end with the play boundary the width of the door entry. I can't seamlessly walk from room to room because of this.


Another BIG thing with setting the boundary is that you can't trace out an area and then add on to it. You have to trace the WHOLE proposed area. I find it dumb. Compared to other VR devices like the Quest, I can trace out a room, then add onto the area by tracing out another room and connecting it. The other problem is that if you mess up the tracing by accidentally making a squiggly line, I'll have to retrace the whole proposed area again because the boundary will set to the little overlap the squiggly line made, or the boundary won't cover the whole area because of it.


This issue is the same for the mixed reality setup. I can set the walls of a room, but I have to redo the whole setup to add another room. I also don't know how to set the play area to the mixed reality room because the play boundary is the only thing I see, and I have to constantly set it again and again whenever I move around.


Please fix this.

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On 7/14/2023 at 3:15 PM, CYBER3DX said:

Interesting. I can not even add a second room. My boundary seems to be stuck in a seated boundary cylinder. Settings allow me to readjust the floor height but, not reset boundaries. 

Very frustrating,

Sounds like you are using instant mode, try the default mode instead? 

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