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Not getting all text message notifications while in VR via the Viveport software


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When I'm in VR I am able to get phone call and text notifications. And for the most part it works as expected. However I'm not able to get text notifications for certain contacts in my list. For other contacts I get all the text notifications, but for others I don't get any text messages. I'm currently using an Android phone and the latest version of Viveport (1.0.8889 r1060).


The fact that one off these contacts where I don't get any text notifications is my wife had proven to be problematic on more than on occasion... The weird thing is that when my wife calls me it does show she is calling while I'm in the VR and I can answer the call and talk just fine. However it doesn't show her contact name, it shows her phone number with the (`) character at the end. For the other contacts where I get all the text notifications when they call it does show their contact name. I have also tried to see if there was something special about my wife's contact information (saved as favorite, multiple numbers, contact specific notification settings, etc).


I'm going to try reinstalling the Viveport software to see if that fixes the issue. Figured I'd post in case anyone else has any ideas for possible solutions or a quick fix. If I find a solution I'll update with a reply in case it helps someone else in the future.

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