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Aruco tags detection & tracking performance on XR Elite


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For a proof of concept module we're making for a safety training, we want to make use of pass through in combination with spwaning certain objects on locations indicated by Aruco tags.

However when implementing the tag detection and trying the Unity Marker demo scene, we see that the performance is just awful and unusable.

  • To detect a tag you have to look at it straight on for 10+ seconds 
  • sometimes it just doesn't detect at all
  • when looking sideways (not straight on) chances of the tag being detected are almost none
  • we tried different sizes of tags, no difference
  • same result with printed tags or displaying on a screen
  • same results with office light dimmed or full on
  • same problems when trying to track a detected marker.

Has anyone got this working with more decent detection? Is this module still in active development?



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We have exactly the same problem. We'd like to use the ArUco as a common reference point for several headsets, so that they can all anchor in the same place, but the unreliability of the tracking makes this impossible.

Please can Vive do something about this.



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Hi @wTrebol, @ymiecielica,

Sorry for the late response, and we did observe and receive some issues feedback from different sources and also internally on this beta version.

We will have an updating SDK and ROM version with improvement in next FOTA around late Sep.

In addition, we will also introduce Spatial Anchor feature in the same timeframe.

Will keep posted when the time is more closed.


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