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Are the MR Face Gaskets on sale yet?


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This headset is so nice now thanks to the MR face gasket. I can actually use the headset for long periods of time now without discomfort. Two of them comes in the package they are the same. To me it's better being able to see out the bottom it takes away the nausea I was getting and takes all pressure off the face. It also doesn't take away from the fov or immersion. I will be using my expensive headset all the time now thanks vive team!


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Also looks like you don't need the top strap anymore to provide stability.  Man I wish this had of been included with my preordered XR Elite.  One of the reasons I returned it was that I have a bit of astigmatism and couldn't wear my glasses like I could with my Quest Pro.  The other reason was that I could never get wireless PCVR to work as well as my QPro with Air Link.  Maybe that's been fixed by now as well.  Anyone know for sure?  Thanks for sharing this mate..

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