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Are the MR Face Gaskets on sale yet?


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On 9/8/2023 at 3:57 AM, C.T. said:

Please do share how it compares with the original face gasket after receiving your order.   🙂 

Received mine this morning. Very easy to fit and works as expected. It's great to be able to wear my glasses with the headset too, and it is much better to use (than the standard face gasket) in hotter weather.

Great addition to the headset!

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I just got mine yesterday. It is so much more comfortable to wear! It works in glasses mode, but I would suggest putting an eyeglass strap of some kind on the arms to make sure it doesn't slip off and fall in more active use. I want to have the ability to have the rest of the world blocked out when in VR, but the MR configuration just feels so much better that it is going to be the main way I use my XR from now on. The support against your forehead on the MR gasket has a soft cushion as opposed to hard plastic on the inside of the fabric of the original gasket. 

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