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[Unity] WaveXRSettings can only be configured for the Android platform and cannot be used for Windows platforms


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Hello, I'm using XR Elite development with WaveXR on Unity, and I've encountered some issues right from the start.

First, I registered VIVE in the package manager. Then I downloaded VIU, OpenXR plugin, and Wave XR plugin as shown in the image below:2.thumb.png.8d924c614810d2d09058ba29f0e0bc4d.png

Second, under "XR Plugin Management," I selected WaveXR for the "Window platform."


However, the "Window platform" in WaveXRSettings is empty. I'm certain that I have selected the Windows platform currently.




Will this affect my development using HMD on Windows? How can I ensure that the "Window platform" in WaveXRSetting is not empty? Thank you.

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Hi @chengnay, thank you for your reply.

My goal is to achieve the "Interaction mode: Hand" shown in the video at the 24-second mark of this post, so that I can recognize the gestures of the left or right hand.

In the past few days, I have been checking the VIVE Developer Forums posts related to the Vive Wave SDK and switched the platform to Android. I primarily refer to the settings mentioned in this article. The current settings in Unity are as shown in the screenshot below:

build settings👇buildsettings.thumb.png.2f42284cc60576d413eb1549555017ba.png
package manager 👇packagemanager.thumb.png.3d17a0a78d5a1cd2f6434e909a5529c9.png

project settings👇projectsettings.thumb.png.e58c9d0ff14a057d185c232948d2a97c.png


Right now, I still cannot find any options available for configuration in WaveXRSettings.WaveXRSettings.thumb.png.1bf7a6d5e8027bed8568d3fa99852f0d.png

However, I am currently aiming to operate the Interaction demo provided by Wave Essence. This way, I can achieve my goal.


Due to the current empty state of WaveXRSettings, executing "Install Device APK" in DirectPreview results in the error message "Install Direct Preview device APK failed."


The above is the situation I am currently facing.

I have a few additional questions I would like to ask:
1. Will there be any conflict between the OpenXR plugin and the Wave XR plugin?
2. When I connect the HMD to the PC using USB and run "Install Device APK", should I close Vive Streaming or SteamVR?

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Hi @chengnay, thank you for your reply.

It turns out that WaveXRSettings should be switched to the Android platform. I feel a bit silly haha. 

By the way, I'm still stuck at “Install Direct Preview device APK failed”. I have another question that when I connect the HMD to the PC using USB and run "Install Device APK", should I close Vive Streaming or SteamVR?


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