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VIVE XR Elite Software 1.0.999.472 – Release Notes


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VIVE XR Elite Software (FOTA 6.0) 1.0.999.472 
Released September 26, 2023

What's new

  • A ruler has been added to Mixed Reality room setup for more precise object measurement.
  • You can now easily turn beta features on and off without having to register by email or switch between different versions of the system software.
  • Direct hand manipulation (beta): This new feature allows you to tap and scroll in the system UI like it’s a touch interface. Follow this link for details on using beta features.
  • You can now switch from the VIVEPORT Store to the VIVE Business AppStore if your device is registered with VIVE Business & Warranty Services (BWS).
  • VIVE XR Elite has been updated with the latest Android security patch level (2023-02-05).

User experience improvements

  • Passthrough now turns on after the headset resumes from standby so you can check your surroundings before entering a VR scene.
  • You can now turn hand tracking on and off directly from the VIVE Menu.
  • The QR code scanner now works faster and more reliably.
  • Connected USB accessories now have no limit on their data transfer speeds.
  • You can now power off the headset while it’s in standby mode by pressing and holding the headset button.

For developers

  • Persisted anchor (beta): This feature is now available. (Link)
  • Developers can now switch the OpenXR app display frame rate between 75 and 90.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an error that was causing sign-in issues in VIVE Manager.
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32 minutes ago, C.T. said:

LBE features have yet been released to XR Elite yet. 

Before the update, I was able to recognize ArUcoMarkers and place objects on them.
However, after the update, ArUco markers are not recognized.

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