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Frequent Error 921 Fame Loss Timeout

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I am using the Focus 3 and Vive Business Steaming (VBS) to wirelessly run our Unity application through SteamVR, but several of our users are unable to use it due to constant Frame Loss Timeouts, resulting in both our application and SteamVR to crash. 
We control the systems our clients are using and provide them a dedicated router to connect to the headset with, so the headset is the only device on the network and then the router hardwired to the PC. 

The crash happens when exiting the main menu and loading into the application proper.

In the past we have temporarily solved the issue by lowering VBS's settings, Bitrate down to 20Mbps and the graphics settings to performance, but now the problem persists even with the lowered settings. 

We have tried updating and degrading graphics drivers and VBS. 

Using the headset corded is not an option as our program heavily relies on the Eye Tracker and they can't both be plugged in at once. 

These problems only seem to be effecting certain clients, in house we are running an identical PC + router combo and our unable to recreate the issue. 

Is there anything other than connection strength that could be causing this error? 
Is there a way to force the headset to wait longer before termination a connection, similar to using windows registry to make it wait longer on a hanging program?  

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After investigating this issue for a few days I have found that opening the Nvidia Share Overlay (alt + z) causes the crash to recover with 100% consistency, I have no idea why this would be.
Also the crash was consistently happening even when using an official tether cord to the headset, completely bypassing any wireless network. No other devices were connected to the PC. 

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