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OpenXR with XR Elite for Standalone Feature - Is it possible?


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I am trying to create a standalone VR project for VIVE XR Elite and would like to only use OpenXR to build my apk. Is that possible or is Wave SDK still required? I thought that the new OpenXR update should be able to manage standalone feature for the htc vive devices too. Also see this source: Overview: OpenXR for Unity - Developer Resources (vive.com)

I would really like to not use Wave SDK, so if it is possible to achieve that, please let me know if and how it works. Right now it is impossible for me to select any interaction profiles for the Vive headset in the Android settings although I installed the VIVE OpenXR plugin according to this website: Unity: Getting Started With OpenXR - Developer Resources (vive.com) .

Thanks in advance for the suppport

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