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"When I plugged in the dongle before updating the software on the VIVE Focus 3, the dongle was recognized, but when I update the version to 5.0.999.918, I get a warning message.

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System needs to be updated.

Current system version does not support connected tracking devices.
Visit vive.com/focus3-update6 for more information.
Please remove the VIVE wireless dongle and resume.

When I press the update button on the software update, it says it is up-to-date and does not update.
Also, VR will not be available unless the dongle is removed.



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On 12/8/2023 at 10:11 PM, YukanaShirakawa said:

Since "VIVE Focus 3" itself has not whitelisted the Tracker Ultimate dongle, does that mean that each individual needs to register it?
Or does it mean that "VIVE Focus 3" doesn't actually support Tracker Ultimate dongle?

It does support Focus 3, but we need to upgrade the tracking system to support the Ultimate tracker. Therefore, we have included a flag here to prevent people from upgrading to the new version without proper consent.
Since Focus 3 is primarily sold to enterprises, businesses, and arcades, we want to ensure that everyone has enough time to prepare for this update.

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