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Vive Business Streaming 1.13.7 - Public release notes


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VIVE Business Streaming  - 1.13.7 - Public release notes

Released December 15th, 2023

VIVE Business Streaming - 1.13.7

  • Added support for Unreal content with MR passthrough
  • Added support for avatars using VRChat's native eyelook and eyelid tracking (eye tracker required).
  • Improved hand tracking recovery speed when moving into tracking FOV.
  • Now supports OpenXR XR_HTC_passthrough extension to enable MR mode.
  • Improved Controllers pose prediction.
  • Console UI revised to show update progress.
  • Security update to VIVE Virtual Audio driver.
  • Updated Nvidia video Codec SDK.
  • Avoid code expired dialog when failed in checking update due to network unavailable.
  • Console UI revised to show update progress.
  • [Enterprise] New option to disable software update checking.

VIVE Business Streaming app - (Please connect Focus 3 to PC via USB to update)

  • [Enterprise] Avoid potential conflict among different passthrough modes when setting from VIVE Business Plus.
  • [Enterprise] New option to show camera passthrough while no PC content is running.
  • [Enterprise] Fixed potentially misidentifying USB tethering connection type due to timing issue.
  • [Enterprise] Fixed crash issue when repeatedly hitting TCP connection failure over 30 minutes.
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