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Vive Focus 3+VBS +Unreal Engine 5.2.1 退出VR Preview時VBS串流中斷與SteamVR當機提示重新開啟的問題


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開發環境是Vive Focus 3 + Vive Business Streaming (1.13.7) USB/WiFi串流,走SteamVR (2.1.10) 的OpenXR介面


每一次VRPreview都會這樣,但在Quest 2 + Airlink + OpenXR 執行是正常的

目前只能在私有專案上復現此問題,還沒篩選出問題點,使用UE5.2 VR模板沒有遇到此狀況




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Hello everyone:

The development environment is Vive Focus 3 + Vive Business Streaming (1.13.7) USB/WiFi streaming, using the OpenXR interface of SteamVR (2.1.10)

After opening the UE project, the screen will display normally when executing VRPreview. Once exiting VRPreview, the inside of the helmet will spin in circles. After about half a minute, a code 921 error will be displayed, and SteamVR will prompt that there is a problem and needs to be restarted.

This happens every time VRPreview, but the execution is normal on Quest 2 + Airlink + OpenXR

Currently, this problem can only be reproduced in private projects. The problem points have not been screened out yet. This problem has not been encountered when using the UE5.2 VR template.

I would like to ask if anyone has encountered this problem or can suggest possible troubleshooting directions, thank you.

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