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Cant get a refund!?


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I bought a Vive ultimate set because I looked up if I cant connect it with my Rift S to play Vr Chat, sadly it looks like it wont work ever and so I tried to get the refund started but when I enter all the things they ask for it keeps telling me that it wont work. I have used the same email to buy them as I try to get the refund on- Can someone help me? I dont have much time to return them or get them to work somehow- 

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hello, HaruAstero

The Reason you are not able to connect to the rift S is because they are currently working on a beta software to be able to work with PCVR. You can stay updated with this beta update on the discord Vive Discord sever.
also please beware they said the beta is in progress and will be coming out in "the upcoming weeks" 

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