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Mixed reality makes lag observable when streaming from PC

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I just made a very simple mixed reality APP using Unreal 5.3 and the Vive Elite XR.


It is just a simple cube in the middle of the room.


I am streaming using Vive business Sreaming.


It works well.


The problem I have is when I walk, I see the cube oscillating up and down at the rythm of my steps. I understand it is created because there is a lag between the Vive sensor  transmission of data and the computer generating the next image frame. It is caused by the streaming.


I bet if the APP would be running inside the HMD instead of streaming from the PC I would not have this issue.


When we walk in VR only (no mixed reality), this phenomenon is les observable because the VR world is not confronted with the real world. 


When we are in mixed reality, the realworld is instantly updated from the camera, but the VR objects are updated with a delay if we stream from the PC which creates the illusion the objects are jumping.


This is a huge problem.



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