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Charging Vive Controllers confusion.


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Hello all.

I purchased one of those magnetic USB charge cables since I wanted to preserve the connection point on the Vive controllers. Using the Vive wall charging adapters that come with the Vive, I pluged in the magnetic cable and the controller came on (orange light) instead of it going to a white light like it did before. I went as far as taking a USB extention cable, opening it up snd cutting the white and green wire off so the cable would not send data, only a charge signal and power. Still, orange light came on. So I went back to the original Vive charge cable plugged directly into the Vive wall charger and now even with the original, I get the orage light on the controller instead of the white light as before. As far as I know, the controller is turned off thus I should be getting a white light meaning it's charging.

Anyone know why the controller seems to turn itself on now when I plug it in to charge where it use to go to a white light, it's now orange and I have no idea if it's taking a charge when the light is Orange.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Regards: Jack

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The wording on this is a bit confusing...


White light indicates that it is fully charged and plugged into a power source. Active charging is indicated by orange, not white. When you plug in a controller it will turn to orange to indicate that it is charging; it may take a short time (even if the battery is near 100%) to switch over to white as a function of how lithium based batteries work. 

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