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Unable to play certain games.


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I believe so; There's Deadly Hunter, The Lab, Vanishing Realms and Accounting so far that are not responsive after I've tried loading them. From my summary search they are all unity based (initially it was pointed out by VibrantNebula of the vive staff in another thread).

 These games seem to load on the desktop but never on the headset just as OP described (I can run many other  non-unity titles without any issues though).

Edit: I was curious so I checked the graphics engine of the games OP can't run and they are Unity based as well.



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, thanks for posting the logs into pastbin :)

This is the line that stands out to me from The Lab's log:

Wed Jul 19 2017 23:15:28.846 - App submitted texture from wrong device!  Make sure app is configured to use the graphics card that your headset is plugged into.

Several lines later after it attempts to load a few textures it states: 

Wed Jul 19 2017 23:16:56.124 - VR_Shutdown called

I suspect this is related to how Windows is managing your graphics card settings. Are you on a system with a built in graphics chipset (like Intel integrated graphics) and using an Nvidia GPU? 

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Also if I remember correctly, if your video card has more than one HDMI port and you have your monitor connected to HDMI, maybe swap the monitor with the Vive. From what I had read, seems to make a difference which HDMI port the Vive is plugged into.

Regards: Jack

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I have the same issue too

game can be played 

Space Pirate Trainer 


Arizona Sunshine


games CANT be played

The Lab



Google Earth VR


Im no tech savvy , hope this issue will be resolved soon  

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I have an AMD FX 9590, Crosshair V-F, 16 of RAM and a RX580. My Windows 10 and drivers are updated.

I am able to play all the games I installed through steam (VR and non VR) but for Viveport games I have critical crashes with front defense, apollo 11, the planets, the blu and everest. The only game that actually works in viveport is the plank experience. 

The system doesn't crash completely, but I can't close the steam VR, the explorer.exe stops working and I'm not able to even turn off the computer. I have already reinstalled the software and the games... any ideas? Thanks!

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