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Unable to play certain games.


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I tried swapping the HDMI ports but that didn't make a difference, I'm purchasing a mini-DP to DP cable to try swapping that instead as some said it might make a difference.


I've tried both SteamVR Beta and just SteamVR... neither are able to play the Lab, Accounting etc.


Oddly, Revive can play quite all of the Oculus experiences I've tried so far.

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My NVIDIA driver version :

Intel :



I'm currently trying to use a displayport to mini-display port cable to replace the hdmi (as I only have one hdmi port on each of the graphics cards) but steamvr just can't detect the headset if I use the dp to mini-dp cable.

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sorry for the late reply

i have downloaded few games today overkill VR , asetto corsa and dream coaster VR and i cant play them VR

the game is loading and showing at the monitor but U cant view at the headset . at the headset , you can only see the game is "loading". when the game is playing , and when you move the the headset , the graphic at the monitor is moving according to the position of the headset. so the game is runing well but i cant view it at the headset , the head set is not showing the VR view . it shows dark background and icon showing the game is "loading" . 

game i can play : space pirate trainer , theblue and arizona sunshine 

still cant play : the lab , eve Valkyrie , google earth , archangel , assetto corsa , dream coaster vr and overkill vr. 


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