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Unable to play certain games.


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Regarding Assetto Corsa.....

The menus will only show on the Monitor, once you get into the race/practice session, then it will appear in VR. Kind of odd they did it that way, makes it a pain in the butt to use. Project Cars is ALL in VR, menus and racing.

Regards: Jack

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I finally found the solution:
Solution: Disable Antivirus
--(My Anti virus is kaspersky-I don,t really disable it,I just disable System Watcher and application control but others component like antivirus firewall .etc. is running like charm) it seams it's something like maleware.
before this solution ,I cant run some games apps via viveport but Steam games doesn't have any problems.reinstallation doesn't work or any other ways.
So solution for me is disabling all Antivirus (windows 10 defenders and kaspersky and node or anything els or just disable the part like mine. :)

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After checking those logs;

  1. <Displays>
  2. DeviceName: \\.\DISPLAY1
  3. DeviceDirectMode:   No
  4. DevicePrimary:  Yes
  5. DeviceRect: 1920x1080 @ (0, 0)
  6. DeviceString:   Intel(rainbow) HD Graphics 530
  7. DeviceID:   PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1912&SUBSYS_86941043&REV_06

Please check if you have both HDMI connected to your GTX1060 instead of the intel 530 :D.


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