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Pogo Pins SteamVR Compatibility

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Hi Vive community,

I wanted to bring up a question for anyone with Ultimate Trackers, regarding pogo pin usage of the Ultimate Trackers in SteamVR.
How I remembered trying to transmit pogo pin input to SteamVR with 3.0 trackers, I gave the tracker a role (Right/Left elbow/knee/shoulder, etc.), and I could send the signal fine (ground to trigger/grip/thumb pins would transmit a signal).  
Then in an application, I could open the binding UI, and bind the pogo pin inputs to input action mappings (Unreal Engine 5.1 applications).  
It should be the same way with the Ultimate Trackers, or is there an extra step I'm missing?  The image doesn't look right i don't think.

SteamVR v2.2.3
Streaming Hub 1.4.8a


Maybe the upcoming beta release would address this, I'm not entirely sure, but just wondering if anyone has tried using the pogo pins with successful results and if so what steps were needed to solve this?

Thank you in advance!


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29 minutes ago, VincentCXR said:

Yeah that was how I set it up originally.

It is still under verification. We will release it as soon as it passes.
It works now with latest firmware update on XRE. 

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Are the Ultimate Tracker POGO pins supported in SteamVR with the Focus 3? When I open the Test Controller dialog in SteamVR, the controller buttons are essentially disabled.
SteamVR 2.3.5
VBS 1.13.8b /
Focus 3 - latest firmware


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