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Can you run the vive from a usc-c to hdmi adapter(using alt mode)?


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 - We haven't launched a "home" app - that's the SteamVR home which is a Valve creation. You can disable it via SteamVR -> Settings -> General or can lower the application resolution for SteamVR home via SteamVR -> Settings -> Applications. In any case, that would be more of a hardware dependency on your GPU than with the signal chain you're using to get to HDMI.

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 - You should be able to use any USB-C to HDMI 2.0 adapter that is 4K compatible on paper. I haven't been able to reference any internal resources on an adapter that would work because we only see questions about USB-C -> DP. The following adapter (link) meets all of the criteria on paper and is a trusted brand for adapters for Vive Pro; I don't see why this model wouldn't work for Vive CE via HDMI.


As I alluded to above, the key with USB-C ports is that the USB-C port needs to be wired to the dGPU in order for this to work. Alot of budget laptops cut costs by keeping the USB-C port only connected to integrated graphics. 

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