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Cannot access Viveport free trial


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Hi, I received my new Vive yesterday. It comes with a free month trial of Viveport.

In Vive Desktop, I signed up for the free trial and entered my credit card information. I've received a confirmation email that I am now subscribed and ready to download games.

When I log into Vive Desktop and navigate to the Subscription area, I am prompted to start a free trial again. Within my Profile information, it states I have no subscriptions.


When I attempt to download a game, I'm warned that I'm about to be charged ($19.99 for Google Tilt Brush, for example). 


It appears I don't have a subscription, though the confirmation email I received says I do.


Any idea of what's going on?


Thanks for you help.

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Thanks for the reply!


Yes, I've closed everything and rebooted a number of times. No luck.


Currently, the Library shows only the free games I have available. Everest VR and theBlu: Whale Encounter, for example.


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Make sure you're logged into the correct accounts. It's easy to have two different accounts with the same email if you're using steam or google rather than HTC as the account source. Also, what happens when you log in on the website rather than the desktop app?


-John C

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Hi John - thanks for the reply.


This morning I booted up and logged into Viveport Desktop as usual and everything seems to be working all of a sudden. I'm able to select my 5 titles and have downloaded them successfully. I'm not sure what changed overnight, but all is well now.


In case anyone else is having the same problem, I'll just relay that when signing into Viveport for the first time yesterday, I was given the option to create a new account, or log in with Google, Facebook, or Steam. I chose Steam because I had created an account there earlier in the day.

Perhaps Steam and HTC's backend needed some time to sync up and  that explains the delay in getting my Viveport trial started.


Anyway, it's all working now, so no worries. :) Thanks again.

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