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Install fails with "Unable to update VIVE Business Streaming. In Task Manager... RRServerManageAPI.dll"

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Hi all,

I'm trying to install software required to work with the Vive Focus 3. I've installed Steam and SteamVR without issue. When I try to install Vive Business Streaming, I get an error without any error code.


  1. Right-click VIVEBusinessStreamingInstaller.exe and run as Administrator
  2. Leave install path as default, agree to terms (checkbox), click "Install"

I will see a progress bar and a console window pop up.


After a few seconds, I will get an error dialogue presumably from RRServerManageAPI.dll.


When I click OK, some output briefly appears in the console before it disappears.


Then I see the installation failed message that refers to a troubleshooting guide.


Unfortunately I have not yet found much useful information in my Internet searches. I assume the troubleshooting guide refers to the table of error codes, but unfortunately I don't have any error code to help me. https://business.vive.com/ca/support/vbs/category_howto/what-error-codes-and-messages-mean.html

I have done as the error message suggested and looked for any of the mentioned processes. I've also tried restarting my computer.

Is there any known cause for this behaviour? Full disclosure, it's not uncommon for me to have trouble installing software on computers managed by my organization. I'd be interested in knowing any steps I could take to determine if this is an error in how I'm installing the software, or if some other software/setting is interfering (if it can be determined from logs etc). Right now there is not much information that is readily available to help me troubleshoot...

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