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Focus3 with Ultimate tracker - stuttering in PC VR streaming session

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As soon as I connect an Ultimate tracker to the Focus3 headset, the streaming performance indicator in Vive Business Streaming becames red, SteamVR's lobby starts stuttering. When I start a VR application SteamVR shows good refresh rate, but in the headset it is unusably slow. As soon as I switch off the tracker, VBS indicator becomes green and moving in SteamVR lobby is smooth.

I use 5Ghz Wifi connection, tested with two different routers. Tested with different bitrate and transmission settings in VBS with no success.

Please advice how to setup Ultimate tracker with Focus3 to use it for PC VR streaming. 

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without the trackers, we have found that 6e signal performs much better when streaming to the Focus 3 - are there plans to fix/improve performance while using 6e/ultimate trackers?  or is it a hardware issue that makes the trackers just flat out incompatible with 6e?

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