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HMD Direction offset/HUD not centered


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Hey all, I've been having an issue with some games that have a HUD as well as Elite Dangerous. My HUD is Lone Echo, Subnautica, Archangel, etc, appears like it's angled to my left slightly. SteamVR overlay does the same. And it's been eating at my OCD. Also when I "center" HMD position in Elite Dangerous, I can't look straight ahead. I have to look slightly to my right before hitting the reset button in order for the ship to be properly aligned in my sight.

It's almost as if the Vive headset believes "straight" is slightly off to my left.

I've tried searching for a solution but I can't seem to find anything. I've tried shifting the headset around but it doesnt seem to make a difference.

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 These are all experiences optimized for seated positions... Do you still have the error when you move your chair around different parts of your playspace? There may be something reflective near your monitor that throws the tracking system off. I'm also curious if the "play area" settings in the Advanced Settings Overlay might be useful in this situation. Outside of the experiences you mentioned, is there anything else that you can report that you feel is different from observed 


 sent me a picture that illustrates the problem. Green is how it should render, red is what it actually displayed.

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It seems that the offset follows me regardless of where I sit or how I am facing. I tried a few other things to see if it would effect it:

-Re-adjusting the lighthouse angles and running room setup again

-Covering all reflective surfaces in the room

-Gently wiping the sensors on the HMD with the microfiber

-Adjusting the IPD, lens depth, and Deluxe Audio Strap

None of these seem to have alleviated the issue.

I had my girlfriend try on the HMD to rule out it being a problem specific to me and my face. She noticed the same offset I was experiencing. I can't recall if this has always been present or not. Most games do not have a HUD or game asset that follows the face. So I wouldn't have noticed for a bit. I figured it was a fluke with Elite: Dangerous until I tried some of the other games listed in the original post. It also made me notice that the SteamVR overlay is slightly cocked to the left as well whenever I press the system button. 
It's difficult to capture what this looks with a screenshot since the VR compositor shows proper alignment despite the actual HMD in person being slightly off. In the below screenshot, I aligned my vision up with the wall in SteamVR home. From my perspective I'm looking straight at the wall. The steam overlay is skewed slightly from the angle of the wall.

In short I'm just kinda stumped because as of right now I only found one other user that has had this issue. I'll try to provide whatever further info I can, just not sure what info would be helpful or not.

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Yes, reddit user masher23 responded to a mirror thread I made on /r/Vive. He had the same issue as me. 


He mentioned that he believes it might be face shape, but I'm not so sure since I had my gf and also my roommate verify the same deviation and they both have different face shapes than me.
Moving around my HMD helps slightly but it causes it to be uncomfortable as well as a loss of FOV in my left eye. 

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Sorry to revive an old thread but did you get this fixed? I got my vive yesterday and all set up perfectly. Played Elite Dangerous last night and it was perfect but today its off center and I cant get it back?



When I change the resolution in game its making it worse but the more I change it the more off center it is. Doesnt matter if I go back to the original resolution it just keeps moving the center of the screen round to my left! Its infuriating. I dont understand as it was working perfectly fine last night!

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