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Focus Plus incompatible with CenarioVR

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We are partner of Vive and CenarioVR (ELB Learning) here in Brazil, and we want to use the CenarioVR on Focus Plus. But seems every we need more processing from the headset, it reset (turn off). This happens in the CenarioVR app and even  in the menu of Focus Plus. 

CenarioVR is a app of interactive scenarios on 360º, so beyond the 360 scene, we can put 2D images and videos, buttons, icons, 3D objects, sound, quiz, is almost infinite the possibility of creation. Below you can see more about the sw:



Our company works with this software together with VIVE headsets more than 4 years, and we always had a good compatibility but now we are trying to use with Focus Plus and we are having this issue. 

When we open a scenario, while just appear the 360º background works normally but when the scenario opens a 2D image or video, or any interactive item of the SW, it closes instantly and restart the headset. We already tried many differents scenarios but the error occurs in everyone. The software work perfectly with Focus 3, XR Elite, Focus, Pro, Cosmos.


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