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please enable indexedDb support in system browser

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My team and I have been building a cross-platform WebXR application using BabylonJS, and we use a W3C API called IndexedDB to write a structured data cache to the device's storage. IndexedDB has been available in iOS and Android mobile browsers since 2014, and in Firefox since 2012. It's a pretty important browser feature that many data-driven apps rely on, given its tenure.

While IndexedDB is enabled in system browsers and Wolvic release on Quest 2/3/Pro, Pico 3/4, and Huawei, and is also enabled on Apple Vision Pro's system browser, it is *not* enabled in the Vive's system browser, or the Wolvic build available in the Vive store. A report from our sentry crash reporting when I reproduce the problem:



I have two asks, that would really unblock anyone trying to support a healthy, diverse XR device ecosystem with cross-platform products, like we are:

1. Please update the system browser to the latest sources available, and enable standard non-XR features like IndexedDB.

2. Please turn over control of the Wolvic package on Vive store to the community or Igalia. It really misrepresents the Wolvic product, which has received so many improvements on so many other platforms.

I really want to have positive things to say about WebXR development across all the devices, let me know how we (at Rebecker Specialties) can help.


PS: I originally reported the many browser issues we had to customer support, and they redirected me here.

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