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Headset not detected


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Hi folks,

I started the day with a working XR Elite.  I updated Streaming Hub and the XR Elite and now steam says Headset Not Detected.  I have rebooted mutiple times, disabled AV, forgot my PC connection and reconnected, updated Steam, and ran through: https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpWithGameIssue/?appid=250820&issueid=374&nodeid=3&return_nodeid=71.  My last Windows update was 3/13.  Working prior to update, not working immediately after.

Device version: 1.0.999.562

Any recommendations? 


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It is now working.  I connected via USB which worked.  When I connected via USB I noticed that something was updated at the bottom of the screen but I didn't catch the exact details.  After that, I disconnected from USB and reconnected via WIFI and it works.  I rebooted the device, closed Steam and Streaming Hub and relaunched them, all worked.  Is there another place I should be updating something when I patch this?  I'm updating the streaming Hub and Headset via the VIVE Streaming Hub PC App.  I update the device from the Settings/General tab the apps from the Library.

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