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Pink and Red Time framing spikes in Steam VR home and Games

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I've been fighting with this issue for awhile now and I've never managed to find a solution. I've followed everything I can find online but can find no root cause to the issue. Any non VR games play perfectly, System stress tests fine with no issue. I'm begining to think my HTC vive Cosmos Elite is faulty at this stage.

System Specs,

Intel core i9 9900K

32GB DDR4 

RTX 4080 GPU running in Single Screen and Multi monitor setups still get the same issue.

Drivers are up to date,

HAGS is disabled Steam is the most forward App and yet still get these Pink and Red spikes consistently at Intervals like a beat unless I pull my Index Controllers into the View of the Headset then the issue gets even more frequent and the Controls are seen as stuttering across my view



I was originally running with RTX2080 GPU and had this issue a little worse but since changing the GPU the issue has reduced but still been a present issue

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